Marc Supreme

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Marc Supreme is a media personality, public speaker, cultural commentator, and CEO of DIGIM, LLC. A former recruiter in higher education, Supreme realized admissions counselors and others tasked to direct students to post-secondary success only provided students with half the necessary insight, so he set out to help break down the daunting decision-making process for high school and early college students. By reimagining college fairs with industry professionals through a cultural lens, Supreme, along with his team, The YANI Collective, created the DIGIM College Conference to expose students to a diverse array of industries that may or may not require college and pair them with industry professionals from all over the country.  Supreme is a 2021 Peoria Magazine 40 under Forty recipient, an award-winning community organizer, and contributes to several media outlets. D@mn, I Graduate in May! is his first book.


First DIGIM Conference:
February 1st @ George Washington Carver Center | Peoria, IL
Four schools, 200 students, four breakout sessions

Second DIGIM Conference:
October 6th @ Bradley University | Peoria, IL
Five schools, 500 students, six breakout sessions

Third DIGIM Conference:
April 5th @ University of Illinois - Springfield |
Springfield, IL
Five schools, two cities, 300 students, five breakout sessions